When and where to go in Punta Cana

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Many travelers believe that pleasure comes with a high price tag. A beach holiday spent relaxing in a chaise lounge, pina colada in hand, gazing out at the turquoise Caribbean waters is sure to be a fortune. But that is wrong. You can find all of this for a reasonable price if you choose the Dominican Republic as your island destination.

The Dominican Republic is a great place for travelers for several reasons. The economies of less developed countries. Despite tourism, its currency is very weak against the dollar. As a result, the cost of food, transportation and accommodation on the island can be very low.

The country is also one of the best Caribbean spots for an all-inclusive resort. At such resorts, once you have paid the package fee in advance, you don’t have to take out your wallet once you arrive. Plus, vacation providers buy large amounts of accommodation space and provide you with savings. Combine this offer with the low cost of living of the Dominican Republic and the result is some of the lowest package prices on the Caribbean market.

When and where to go


The Dominican Republic’s high season is in winter when chilled people from the US flee to the Caribbean in search of the sun. The cheapest time is September to November, which is usually the low-cost season in the Caribbean. These months are also hurricane season. Although storms are unlikely, the island is located in a hurricane belt. May and summer will have moderate prices to offer.

Dominica’s top tourist destinations are Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and La Romana. Punta Cana has the most resorts and many of them are new or recently renovated. It is one of the most popular destinations with Americans, in large part because of its stunning beaches and crystal clear Caribbean waters.


Some people think this is the next Cancun. La Romana is also on the Caribbean side and is a good place to explore, as there is plenty to do nearby.

Puerto Plata is on the Atlantic side of the country. Larry Fishkin, president of eLeisureLink, believes that “You will generally get more for your money in Puerto Plata than at Punta Cana.” It’s a rising travel destination and perfect for adventurous travelers looking to leave the resort and visit cities like Sosua, known for its fishing and crafts, and Cabarete, a place for kite surfing and other favorite water sports like a Snorkel in Punta Cana


Inclusive versus independent travel


All-inclusive vacation packages have clear benefits, but some travelers prefer a more independent vacation. The Dominican Republic can accommodate both types of holidays.

According to Pauline Frommer of Frommer’s Travel Guides, “Most Americans go on vacation to the beach at all-inclusive resorts because of the incredible value.” One price includes airfare, transfers, accommodation, meals, drinks, children’s programs and entertainment. The Frommer resort chooses its own getaway which includes horse riding, an activity for which a fee is usually charged. He reports that while these specific inclusions vary by resort, your entire package price is definitely cheaper in the Dominican Republic than what you’ll find on other Swim with dolphins in Punta Cana at Caribbean islands.

An all-inclusive holiday is best if you want a relaxing trip spending time sunbathing on the beach and staying in a resort area. But some travelers find this holiday too isolated from the country they are visiting. And while some have highly praised the incredible selection of restaurants available to resort guests, others have complained of bland and monotonous food.

If you prefer independent travel, you have several options. Peter Capper, BVK senior vice president (marketing agency representing the Dominican Republic), said you can save by getting cheap airplane / hotel deals and plane deals only if you can travel during other seasons from the hometown’s busiest to visit here like New York, Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Chicago, or Dallas. American is one of the largest airlines in the region.  But the low-cost carriers JetBlue and Spirit now fly there too, increasing your chances of finding plane ticket deals.

Sean Harvey, author of the Rough Guide to the Dominican Republic, also recommends booking flight-and-hotel packages that do not include meals. By some resorts this is referred to as the European plan. “You’ll get a lot,” he said, “and you can explore the country during the day, and then return at night to a Western hotel that serves as your temporary home.”



If you are looking for a reasonable price for a vacation to the Dominican Republic, you can find what you are looking for with airplane-and-hotel inclusive vacations from online vacation providers or travel agents. When we checked out, Liberty Travel was offering a package that included five nights at the complete Casa Marina Beach & Reef Resort, plane tickets to Puerta Plata, airport transfers, and taxes. Prices start from 499 USD per person from Miami.

We also find La Romana vacation packages at Vacation Travel Mart, with prices starting at 378 USD from Miami. The price includes airfare and three nights all-in at Suncape Casa del Mar. Five night and seven night vacation are also available at a higher price.

The best way to choose which package is right for you is to do Spa in Punta Cana in advance. You can find more than 4,000 resort reviews on Debbie’s Dominican Republic Travel Page and message boards with travel advice and trip reports on DR1.com.

Or, if you prefer to book components of your vacation separately, look for the latest airfare deals. Or compare rates with the price comparison feature.

However, you choose to book your vacation, you can be sure that you will be able to create a relaxing vacation that fits your budget. So, if you’re planning to sunbathe and indulge a few days or weeks and want to keep costs down, consider the Dominican Republic for your next Caribbean vacation destination.

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