Tourist attractions in Danang that must be visited

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Tourist attractions in Danang are currently famous in the tourism world. This city of Vietnam is growing fast with its tourism industry. From the mountains, the beach, to some historical relics, all become attractions that can be visited.

The number of tourist destinations in Danang makes Danang good enough to explore. Some tourist destinations are even so popular. The beauty of the panorama and the excitement is no doubt. Here are some Danang tourist destinations.

The Dragon Bridge and the Combination of City Lights on the Sotra Peninsula

To start your journey in Vietnam, visit an interesting show called Danang Charming Show. This tourist attraction displays an interesting cultural show. Visitors will be guaranteed to be amazed by the talent displayed by several there. If you are looking for hotel accommodation while visiting Danang, you can try Premiere Hotel Luxury Hotel Danang

Ba Na Hill, Extraordinary View Above the Ba Na Hill

Danang Charming Show displays how the original culture of Vietnam is combined with modern performances. Good characteristics and excellent lighting make this show more attractive. How some of the dancers make a combination of movements will enchant you. This entertainment is a must for you who visit Danang.

Hoa Phu Thanh, river with beautiful views around it

It is not wrong to explain đà nẵng Vietnam as interesting places. This fast-growing city is the fourth largest city in Vietnam. Thus the rapid development of this city makes the city have such a beautiful view. This place is very suitable for a couple. Just follow the Romantic Danang City Tour and you will get an unforgettable experience.

Phong Nha Ke Bang, An Extraordinary UNESCO Heritage Site

Your tour will be accompanied by a panoramic view of the beautiful dragon bridge at night. The color combination of the lights and the reflection of the water provide an awesome panorama. If you look at the buildings in the Danang urban area, you will adorn this Sotra peninsula. Romanticism will immediately appear and you will spend a beautiful night together with a loved one.

Commemorating the enormity of the Vietnam War

Not far from the Danang city of Vietnam, there is one destination that offers long trips with amazing views. You will get charming panorama from buildings that look like a fairytale.

Ba Na Hill provides a French-style site on the hill. Panorama of typical European buildings can be a tourist attraction that you will never forget. They’re also a cable car that will take visitors through a long beautiful journey. View of natural jungle with the river below will be a beautiful combination for you. Beyond that, the vast horizon further enhances the nature’s paintings in Vietnam. When the day is sunny, the panorama shown is more beautiful. Don’t forget to take a picture to capture this amazing moment.

Attractions in Vietnam always have their natural charm. If you want to enjoy nature, visit Hoa Phu Thanh, a river that offers rafting activity. Beautiful panoramas around this river will decorate your rafting trip.

Staying overnight in the Premier Village Danang hotel to explore each of the excitement is the best choice you should make. But not only Danang, but Vietnam also has another place you can try such as Hanoi, Nha Trang and many more. Explore this country with all its beauty will give you a certain pleasure in adventure.

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