Special banquet at a wedding

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Marriage is a sacred event and a special moment of happiness. Preparing a wedding is also not easy and takes time, so do not let the food menu that is not following expectations can damage the happy atmosphere and make guests disappointed.

Mercure Yangon Kaban Aye is the best Wedding Hotel Yangon that has been experienced for several years. This hotel provides the best food so that all couples that held their wedding here are happy.

Food is sometimes considered trivial by some people. Now, what do you feel if an important event turns not impressive just because the food is not delicious? The presence of delicious food plays an important role in giving a good and memorable impression. Many brides entrust their event to vendors. Not only for food matters but also for other preparations. Organizing a wedding while using the catering facilities provided at Mercure Yangon Kaban Aye will bring many benefits to your wedding, including:

No need to bother about cooking

Using catering at the Wedding Hotel Yangon makes event preparation more practical. Consumption preparation has been provided by the hotel so that the organizer only has to pay. No need to bother about shopping, cooking, to washing dishes. All dining equipment is also provided by the catering so there is no need to rent. This facility is very helpful in preparing for a wedding, so you can focus more on the wedding procession.

Have a variety of foods

Wedding Hotel Yangon can provide various types of food ranging from appetizers, main meals, to desserts. The types of drinks served are also various, such as tea, soda, water, and syrup. The variety of food is many compared to when you cooking alone. So you can serve more food variations.

Adequate service

Wedding Hotel Yangon has better and more professional service. Wedding Hotel Yangon understands more about food tastes for guests because it has worked for years. This knowledge is used to satisfy the tongue of your guest.

Now, you can focus on the main activities without worrying about the food of the event, Mercure Yangon Kaban Aye Hotel will help you prepare for the wedding you want. For further information please contact 951 650933

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