Planning a Wedding on a Budget – Use Your Creativity

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A lot of women dream of having a beautiful wedding. Many men also want to have such not really for themselves but for the love of their lives. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a big wedding where everything that any bride could possibly dream of is available. There are a lot of occasions where the bride and the groom have to deal with just a small budget. But this should not be a big issue because you can still have a beautiful wedding on a limited budget if you really plan well.

If you are planning a wedding on a budget here are some tips that you can follow to make things a little bit easier for you.

Planning a wedding on a budget should start with knowing that there are things that you can do on your own. There are areas where you do not need a professional supplier to do things for you. The whole planning thing is for one something that you can do on your own. Who says having a wedding planner is a must? There are wedding ideas that you can get from your friends. There are also new ones that you can read in magazines or on the internet. For example, you can look for a Wedding hotel Danang that is affordable and has the best facilities like the Mercure Danang French Village.

Next, you must know the areas where you can really save money. The wedding cake, for example, is something that does not need to be very expensive. You do not need to have special flavors because admit it, not a lot of wedding guests eat the cake. In many cases, the cake just serves a backdrop for pictorials.

You can also save on desserts. It is now fashionable to have dessert carts or bars during weddings. Imagine having five kinds of desserts served on one occasion. That will really look great, right? But the point is you can save a lot if you will just have one kind or two kinds of dessert. It is going to be cheaper if you will prepare 500 cupcakes than if you will prepare 100 cupcakes, 100 oatmeal cookies, 100 slices of cheesecake, 100 cups of sliced fruits and 100 cups of a chocolate sundae.

You can also save on your souvenirs. If you will have souvenir items custom made, you will definitely spend a lot. What you can do is to just make your own. Not only will you be able to save money if you do this, but you will also be able to put a personal touch into every item you will give.

If you are planning a wedding on a budget you can save further by tying up some items together. How do you do this? Start with your cake. Just have a plain white cake made for you. Do not ask for it to be decorated. Then make small pieces of chocolates. You can buy chocolate blocks that you can melt and mold into different shapes. Some you can mix with milk. Others can be stuffed with nuts. Still others can be filled with dried fruits. You can even sprinkle candy bits in some. Use these chocolates to design your cake. After that you can scatter more chocolate pieces on the table where your cake is. This will serve as your dessert bar. Furthermore, you can put on one side of the table loot bags and scoops. This will serve as your souvenir. Your guests will be the ones to scoop the chocolates into their loot bags.

Planning a wedding on a budget is possible if you will just be creative and resourceful.

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