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The Covid-19 pandemic has really hit the tourism sector. In various tourist attractions, they have had to close their activities since March 16, 2020. However, slowly the actors and managers of tourist attractions began to rise.

The Covid-19 pandemic situation has forced travel enthusiasts to resist the urge to travel. Tourist destinations in various regions were closed to prevent the spread of the virus. Especially the forest tour, the spread of the covid-19 virus can also infect the animals there. But don’t worry, you can enjoy a forest tour safely and avoid the spread of covid 19.

Because, before you vacation in the forest you are also checked and given service first before going on vacation. Various kinds of forest tours are also available including tropical rain forests in Aceh, Sumatra jungle tours, and ketambe jungle tours for example.

A very dense tropical rain forest with unusual creatures commonly associated with the Amazon Forest in Brazil. But rainforest habitats can be found all over the world, and rainforest tours come in many forms. Some destinations are more like nature-oriented amusement parks with treetop lines and bridges. Others are nothing more than remote areas of dense jungle visited only by biologists and a few tourists looking for real adventure as well as completely untouched wilderness. Whatever the category, these tropical rainforest destinations strike a balance between championing conservation and building the infrastructure needed to support their ecotourism industry.

From the undeveloped interior of the Indonesian island of Aceh to the virgin forests of southwest Africa to the temperate rainforests of Oceania and the Pacific Northwest, it is possible to travel through a wide variety of rainforest landscapes.