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Maldives is an island nation located 300 miles south of India, and 450 miles southwest of Sri Lanka. The uniqueness of the island in the Maldives comes from its name and types.

From 1,192 islands that Maldives has, most are not real islands, but only coral atolls. In the Maldives, many atolls consider fine to be inhabited, one of which is Meradhoo. At Meradhoo Atoll there are Raffles Beach Villa Maldives accommodations that you can book. In total there are around 26 large atoll islands, and only about 200 atoll islands are inhabited, even the island’s name is strange, such as the islands of alif, gulhi, mandhoo, and others. This was motivated by the influence of thick Arabic culture. It is estimated that the name Maldives also comes from the Arabic word, which means the palace.

Tropical Paradise

For travelers, Maldives is known as a tropical paradise. There are many reasons why Maldives is so attractive to them, including these:

The beauty of the beach sand

The beach is far from the hustle and bustle of the noisy atmosphere like in the city. It is so calm and peaceful. As far as the eye can see, there is only natural beauty that hasn’t been discovered. The beach sand in the Maldives is white, clean and soft. you can also find a swaying coconut palm that adds beauty.

The water is very clean and look shimmering when exposed to sunlight. The seawater is calm, not fierce and no high waves are rolling in. it may happen because it is blocked by the atoll. You will get an unforgettable experience when swimming in the Maldives because there are the number of baby sharks who swim along between our legs. Beyond imagination!

Underwater scenery

Maldives’ underwater scenery is very beautiful. The temperatures are around 25-30 degrees Celsius and it is ideal for diving, snorkeling, or fishing. The water is very clear, in fact, in some places, the view of the seabed can be seen clearly. Rows of coral reefs with colorful fish, sea caves, Manta Ray, Eagle Ray, turtles, Napoleon fish, dolphins, wrecks, white tips, hammerhead sharks, and others can easily found in Maldives.

It is no longer a question of why the Maldives is called a “tropical paradise”. The Maldives has beautiful beaches, exotic underwater views, it’s “hidden” location in the middle of the ocean, its abundant and protected marine life.

Plus, adequate accommodation facilities, such as Raffles Maldives, and many more, are provided here. For your information, the resorts are scattered on each island. So, do you want to have a vacation in this tropical paradise?

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