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All countries have a unique culinary with a variety of different spices. Legendary culinary in some countries is often hunted by tourists when traveling abroad. People throughout the world also love to try to making legendary culinary at home.

Here is some country with the best food to try:


Culinary traveling can also be done in Thailand. This country serves the best street food in the world. Thai specialties have a unique taste. Most Thai dishes rely heavily on a combination of spicy and sour flavors. For that reason, the taste of each dish tends to be complex and delicious. Before visiting any food stalls in Thailand, you should book a hotel first. There are several hotels near the culinary center, precisely in the Sukhumvit area of ​​Bangkok. One of them is Solitare 4 Star Hotel Sukhumvit.

One unique dish not to be missed from Thailand is tom yum. This spicy and sour soup dish has fillings in the form of shrimp, noodles, and vegetables that have been mixed with lime and chili. In addition to tom yum, sticky rice and pad thai are also mandatory to try.


Italy is known as a culinary country. Travelers around the world have identified Italy for having culinary delicacies that are ready to indulge anyone who tastes them. Italian dishes are generally processed with various ingredients such as pasta, cheese, and olive oil.

Chefs in Italy apply specific criteria in choosing various ingredients to be processed. The chefs in Italy also really maintain the quality of each dish they process.

If you love cheese, surely Bolognese is a city that must be visited while in Italy.


Mexico is a country that serves culinary delights in the world. You can find various kinds of culinary choices with unique taste here. Starting from spicy, sour to sweet, you can find all of it in Mexico. Not only that, but Mexico is also a world culinary destination that serves a variety of marine cuisine as well as dessert with a tantalizing taste.

Favorite culinary delights from Mexico with amazingly delicious flavors include Quesadillas, Tacos, Margaritas, and Tortas.


India is a paradise for spicy culinary lovers. Most of the culinary that you can find in India has a spicy taste as well as a unique aroma. However, that does not mean this country does not provide other taste choices, such as sweet and sour.


It is no longer a secret that China has culinary delights. Chinese cuisine itself is even easy to find in almost all corners of the world. In this country, you can find authentic Chinese food, such as processed noodles, various sauces, vegetables, and meat.

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