Bangkok Tourist Attractions You Must Visit

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Tourist attractions in Bangkok are indeed very numerous, so it requires a lot of time to explore everything. Here are five tourist attractions in Bangkok you should visit.

1. Wat Arun, the Oldest Buddhist Temple in Bangkok

Wat Arun is the first place you must visit. This oldest Buddhist temple in Bangkok has beautiful architecture. Almost all of the walls are decorated with colorful porcelain and ceramics from China. It is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, which makes this temple visit-able by boat. The best time to visit this temple is in the morning or at sunset when the sun beautifully illuminates Wat Arun.

2. Seeing the Sleeping Buddha Statue at Wat Pho

At Wat Pho, there is an iconic Buddha statue. The residents and tourists call it the Reclining Buddha. The statue is called so because it represents the position of the sleeping Buddha. Reclining …


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Myanmar is one of the countries that have good tourist destinations for tourists to visit. However, in addition to traveling for sure, every tourist will be tired and will look for places to stay during vacation.

The following are some of the luxury hotels in Myanmar

1. Grand Mercure Golden Empire

Grand Mercure Golden Empire is a hotel that has luxurious service facilities and simple, elegant interior design. This hotel has modern facilities that impressed the guest. This hotel is included in the Luxury Hotel Yangon. The hotel is located in the city center, 1 Corner of Myittar & Tahkin Pho Hla Gyi Road, Yangon 11901, Myanmar. It is a restaurant that serves different and various kinds of food every day and serves Grill or Barbecue food. Then there is a bar, so guests can use it to relax or chat with colleagues. It has a friendly and helpful …

5 Ways to Manage Finances Before You Go on Vacation

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Holidays, of course, become pleasant moments, especially during the new year’s moment. Everyone is happy to let go of work fatigue and enjoy days with family.

However, the problem comes again after the holidays, especially for those of you who don’t know how to manage finances.

Here are some of the best and wise way to manage finances:

Prepare a budget and spending limits

Holidays are a right for everyone. However, you need to prepare funds in advance of the time of departure. You can start three or four months before.

Try not to spend more than the expenditure limit prepared. Also, avoid using credit cards while on vacation, because it has the potential to broke all your budget plans.

Choice of destination

If your budget is limited, a vacation to a popular destination close to your hotel can be an option. Starting from visiting a famous coffee shop, or …