5 Main Districts of Bangkok that Must Explored by Travelers

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Bangkok, the Heart of Thailand, this delightful city must see and enjoy. Most travelers may not suddenly love it but it will slowly make you fall in love. Explore Bangkok, see the unique temples, palaces, extraordinary markets, shops, and don’t forget that Bangkok has one of the craziest nights of life in the world. and of course, the exotic and amazing culinary of Thailand. The luxury of the apartment also cannot be missed, for example, like Aetas which also provides¬†Serviced Apartment Bangkok,¬†Curious? Please visit the website at https://residence.aetashotels.com/.

As well as being large and modern, administratively, Bangkok has been divided into 50 districts, even more, often being used in official affairs and for address. However, there are about 8 major Bangkok districts that travelers should be explored by travelers, as mentioned below:


The Sukhumvit Road that extends is an exclusive district popular among expatriates and upper class of residents. This is made by the road being filled with quality hotels, restaurants, and expensive night clubs. Part of the nightlife of Sukhumvit also represents part of the picture of the nightlife in Bangkok, especially Soi Cowboy and Nana Entertainment Plaza.


Located between rivers and city centers there is an area that is also known as “Old Bangkok,” one of the most famous sights in Bangkok, such as the Grand Palace and Wat Pho.

Khao San Road

Who is not familiar with Khao San Road? Every backpacker is guaranteed to be recognized with an area located in the north of Rattanakosin. Bangkok’s bustling center is a favorite of backpackers, it is Khao San Road. This place is known because many things can be found at an economical price or even cheaper.

Yaowarat and Phahurat

Along the way Yaowarat the travelers will find Chinatown in Bangkok, while Phahurat Road is the home of a fairly large Indian community in the city. Interestingly, the multicultural area is full of temples, seafood restaurants, and street markets.


Dusit is a European-style area which is the center of Thai politics, home to political institutions. Even it is fun to walk the road because the atmosphere is fresh completed with lush garden and wide pedestrians.

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