5 Beautiful Beaches in Phuket, Thailand, to fill your Holiday List

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Thailand is one of the popular countries in Southeast Asia visited by many tourists. The combination of culture and natural beauty is success to captivated many visitors. Phuket is one of the favorite destinations, this place is famous for the natural beauty of a beautiful and charming beach.

Phuket is an island that has been well known for its beaches. Phuket is located in the southern part of Thailand. Here are 5 beautiful beaches in Phuket that you must visit.

• Kamala Beach

Located in the northern part of Patong, Kamala Beach is a must-visit destination. The sand looks very clean and the water is so clear. The beauty of Kamala Beach is also obtained from the surrounding, this place is surrounded by hills. If you visit Kamala beach, you don’t need to worry if you want to find hotel accommodations to stay, you can try Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach. Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach is the only Hotel Kamala Beach located close to Kamala Beach.

• Patong Beach

Patong Beach is the most famous tourist attraction that is often visited by tourists. Along Patong Beach, you can easily search for lodging, bars, and cafes. Close to Patong Beach, there is a place named Soi Bangla, a region that famous for its nightlife. Although crowded, the cleanliness of Patong Beach is maintained well. Don’t miss the beauty of the sunset when you visit this beach.

• Karon Beach

Karon beach is also a favorite spot for tourists when visiting Phuket, Thailand. The southern part of Karon Beach can be used for snorkeling. This place is quite broad with a view of the beautiful underwater biota. The Karon Coast region is not too crowded with tourists compared to other beaches in Phuket, Thailand.

• Kata Beach

Still close to Karon Beach, Kata Beach is also a beautiful and interesting spot to visit. Kata Beach has white sand and clear water. For your information, so many surfers visit Kata Beach from May to October. Despite being a favorite of tourists, Kata Beach has a calm and comfortable atmosphere. There are many accommodations as well as local Thai shops.

• Paradise Beach 

Paradise Beach is equally interesting to visit when you’re in Thailand. Paradise Beach has a stretch of sand with large stones. The atmosphere of paradise beach is also quieter than other beaches in Phuket. In this place, you can try playing the jet sky. Exciting, isn’t it?

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