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in Italy – Certainly for any person who has been on holiday abroad often already familiar if you are in an attraction in the State visited. Because each country has a definite attraction that has had its own history. The more ancient building, the more curious also any travelers to know the history of the attraction. Well, this article will explain some of the tourist attractions in Italy are very well known and has an amazing history and you should know to increase knowledge about history – historical attractions in various countries. Come let’s look at the full explanation and take a closer yes historical

1. Museum Vatican

Well first of all tourist destinations are discussed, namely the Vatican museum. The very first museum purchased by Pope Julius II in 1506 it had a sculpture made of marble and has been approved as one of the attractions in Italy. Julius is a person who loves art and has created an atmosphere in this museum with full artwork beautifully displayed in this very popular place. The museum began to open from Monday to Saturday at 8:45 pm approximately and Vatican museum is closed during the day – the anniversary of the saint.

2. Square Novona

Novona Piazza is a square – the main city of Rome is very beautiful and spacious. The local residents and tourists often spend the afternoon in the square – Piazza square Novona because it is very famous with the most convenient place for you to relax in the afternoon. In Piazza Novona there are buildings – buildings that have architectural form of a European feel as supporting the beauty of the square – this square. Here also you can eat food that comes from Italy while spending time in the afternoon. In the rear part Piazza Novona there are a very large church and three fountains that really – really beautiful. You also do not have to worry to have to exhaustion, because in the square – this square has been reserved seating for those who want to rest.

3. Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the attractions in Italy which has been famous all over the world. A phenomenal building was built with a very unique style of architecture and has been established since 72 and 80 AD by an emperor named Emperor Vespasian (A founder of the Flavian dynasty). The Colosseum could accommodate 55,000 thousand people have 80 door as an entrance. The Colosseum is open from 08.30 time around and will be closed before sunset.

4. Castel Sant ‘Angelo

Castle this one has a cylindrical shape and is a burial site of the emperors – Roman emperor in the year 138 AD. Location of Castel Sant ‘Angelo is located on the right of the Tiber and can be connected to the rest of the city via the bridge Handrian also called the Ponte Sant’ Angelo. If you walk towards the castle, certainly along the way you will be accompanied by a statue – a marble statue believed to be the embodiment of angels. Castle opened it’s time ranging from approximately 09:00 until late at night.

5. Bridges City of Venice

A town in Italy that was built right on the water which was right in north- eastern Italy. The city is considered to be for tourists is a very romantic city and has a wonderful history on the bridge that has linked between the west and east of this city. The town is known by the nickname The City Of Water has five bridges of the most visited by tourists are the bridge Ponte Degli Scalzi, the bridge Ponte Tron or Ponte De La Piavola, the bridge Ponte di Rialto bridge Ponte Della Liberta and bridge Ponte Corcondia or Bridge Of Sighs. One city has an area that is 412 square meters which was surrounded by water and connected to each bridge.

6. Rabbit Beach Lampedusa

Do you think that Italy does not have a beach that can attract visitors to set foot and only own the building – a historic building only. In Italy there is also a beach that gives the impression of a beautiful and comfortable ie beach Rabbit Beach Lampedusa. The beach that has had an award from a site on this tourism earned the most beautiful beaches in the world by 2013. As the name suggests, this one coast inhabited by hundreds of rabbits that roam freely and have a very white sand and the sea is blue. Nothing wrong with this beach was awarded as the most beautiful beach.

7. Vertical Garden

Vertical garden is a result of man-made from the highest park in Europe and even up to the World. The park is located in the middle of this very famous shopping center in the city of Milan, Italy. Architects who have initiated this beautiful garden that Le Corbusier, Franscesco Bollani up teams from Montpellier to the size of the park area is 1,263 square meters and covered 44,000 thousand species of plants in this garden. Nothing wrong if you visit this park and make a vertical garden as one of the tourist attractions in Italy yes.

8. Pantheon

Temple had already turned to the Roman Catholic Church has been established since the reign of the Roman emperor. The hallmark of this building that became an attraction for tourists visiting the faithful who can be an inspiration as university buildings, schools, until the library at the present time. The location of the Pantheon itself is located close to Piazza Novona and at the edge of the square – the main city of Rome. The Pantheon was originally built as a temple to worship the Roman gods and have had some debris carried by the emperor Hadrian. After that pantheon was also used as the burial place of King Emmanuel I and Raphael as well as the famous Italian Renaissance painter.

9. Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is a tourist attraction of its appeal is the largest fountain in the world. Pope Clement XII ordered Nicola Salvi to design Style Baroque fountain with a height of 26.3 meters and 49.5 meters wide. This fountain tells the Taming of the water that can be seen from the statue – the statue around this fountain. Trevi Fountain also has a unique myths, if you throw a coin into the fountain is believed you can come back again someday.

10. Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore

Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore has a very unique history and very beautiful. If you are one who loves history, you should visit this place one to know the full history. Very interesting is not the tourist attractions in Italy, which gives the history of its past for those who want to know. Come visit the tourist attractions in Italy as one plans his holiday with the family.

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